Hybridity Joins Forces With Google Cloud as a Certified Build Partner

Press Release

Hybridity, a generative AI company specialized in enterprise reporting solutions, today announces its certification as Google Cloud Build Partner. This achievement marks a milestone in Hybridity's commitment to delivering AI-driven reporting tools to enterprises worldwide.

"Becoming Google Cloud Build Partner is a testament to our team's hard work and innovation," says Sebastian Ramseid Foss, CEO of Hybridity. "Our international customers will be able to access our advanced reporting solutions through Google Cloud Marketplace, empowering them with AI reporting tools for data-driven decision-making across their organizations."

Hybridity's platform is known for automating complex reporting processes, offering an intuitive interface, and producing insightful, accurate reports rapidly. The company recently launched an AI initiative together with Auxality, a workflow automation company, and several of Sweden’s biggest fund companies aiming to set new industry standards for administrative tasks that can be handled by artificial intelligence. With this new certification and upcoming marketplace listing, Hybridity is set to integrate further Google Cloud technologies into its offerings, enhancing its versatile platform.

This collaboration marks a significant step in Hybridity’s Journey towards global market expansion. It also underlines the company’s ability to offer customers sophisticated, scalable, and efficient enterprise reporting solutions, while reaffirming Hybridity’s mission to catalyze AI-powered business intelligence and operational efficiency across industries. 

About Hybridity

Hybridity AB is a leading provider of generative AI solutions for enterprise reporting. The company specializes in developing AI-driven tools that simplify and automate the reporting process, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions with greater speed and accuracy. Since being founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2023, Hybridity’s SaaS platform has already helped to automate thousands of reporting processes for its customers in a wide range of sectors, including health tech, finance and real estate. 

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