Founded in Stockholm in the spring of 2023, Hybridity is rapidly establishing itself as a leading player in the field of generative AI technology. Our team includes physicists, AI-engineers, entrepreneurs, designers and automation specialists. We believe in teamwork, innovation and customer obsession. Putting the customer first allows us to create value from day one. Above all, we put ethics and security first. This means that we can provide generative AI driven solutions our users can trust.


We are a dynamic team of experienced professionals, passionate innovators, and insightful leaders driving AI transformation in the business landscape.

Hybridity team. Sara Tavakolizadeh, Robert Lyngman, Joakim Reimar, Felix Bodin, Vincent Boiardt, Emil Näsström, Johanna Wikström, Sebastian Ramseid Foss. Not depicted: Paul Wall
Hybridity team. Robert Lyngman, Joakim Reimar, Felix Bodin, Vincent Boiardt, Emil Näsström, Johanna Wickström, Sebastian Ramseid Foss. Not depicted: Joakim Jörlander, Paul Wall


Sebastian Ramseid Foss


Master of Science in Engineering Physics from KTH.

Serial Entrepreneur, and AI Expert.

Joakim Reimar


Formerly Head of Digital Strategy for the Swedish Government, Diplomat, Intelligence Specialist, Management Consultant.

Previous Exit from Curonova.

Robert Lyngman


Aeronautical Engineer from KTH.
Previously Funded in Draknästet. Serial Entrepreneur.

Previous Exit from Curonova.

Founding Team

Felix Bodin

Head of Design

Master of Art-Science from KABK.

Formerly Senior Art Director at Futurniture.

Joakim Jörlander


BA Media Communications from Stockholm University.

Formerly CMO at Dreams. Global Sponsorships and Brand Manager at Betsson Group.

Paul Wall

Head of R&D, AI-Engineer

Master of Science in Engineering Physics and Theoretical Computer Science from KTH.

Formerly Head of R&D at tt2.

Vincent Boiardt


Formerly CTO of NoA Ignite.
Co-founder of Oakwood Creative Digital Agency, acquired by The North Alliance in 2021.

Emil Näsström

Head of Engineering

Autodidact Competitive Programmer.

Formerly Tech-Lead and Smart Contract Expert.


Head of Marketing

Johanna Wickström


Master of Science in International Business from CBS.

Formerly Automations Specialist and RPA Expert.



Advisory Board

Eminent industry leaders.

Ariel Ekgren, head of research at AI-Sweden, builder of the largest LLM outside of the US, and former lead AI researcher at RISE, brings his profound expertise in AI research to the table.

Christian Landgren, CEO of Iteam, highly sought-after speaker, advisor to the Government on AI Sovereignty, and noted as Sweden's 4th best programmer, ensures strategic foresight in AI.

Boel Rydenå Swartling, founder of ChargeAmps, a former Member of the governmental advisory board on digital transformation, and founder of SSVD Capital Market Day, offers her invaluable insights in digital transformation.


Join our growing team.

If you want to work on the frontier of the application of generative AI into complex workstreams, we are looking for talented and passionate individuals to join our team.

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